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Good morning Roy

I have a pretty concerning issue and this is the third time it has happened to me over the last two years.

I open a case, work the case, and then close the case.

Then if I need to go back and view the case for some reason. Using the search feature CaseWorks does not find the case.

If I search for the client it finds the client but if I click on CASES in the client screen it does not find the case.

The case in question is 2307-00913 and the client's name is Hazel Dutiro. I would appreciate it if you could look into it and locate the case as I really need to access it urgently

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RIck ... your case is there.  I can see where it was modified a couple of times. However, some data was  missing ... that would make it invisible to you.

Have corrected those issues.  However, Case Name and case type was empty.  I've populated some holding info for you.  You will have to modify the case name to what you require as well as the type of case

Rick ... I've done a scan of other databases, and it appears you are the lone ranger.

I will note that there has been other issues that have been  raised, from you, that I have not been able to validate in the past ... having said that, i realize this issue is frustrating.  I did a scan of your dataset and found. It appears you had issues in Jan, May and July of this year ( the ones that have the Black Mark next to it indicates these cases have been deleted.  So ... take a look at the 3 in the center.  I may need to do some work on these as well

Now with respect to why ...  Given the fact these appear to be isolated  to you and not generally with others then why this is happening to you ... there is no way to tell ...

You could help by documenting what Browser you typically use, what type of internet connection ( fiber, broad band, satellite) and if you are always connected from the same location or do you move about using a laptop, tablet, desktop, cell phone. 



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