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I am having problems when saving a new client, it has been happening for a while but is now more frequent.
When I click save it sits there with the CCCCCCC across the top indicating that it is doing something, but no matter how long I wait that's all I get, and it does not save the client.
I have to refresh the page and then it loses everything I have input and I have to start all over again with the same result, eventually, it will save but there has been a lot of time wasted and much frustration in reentering the same information over and over again
I don't have this type of issue with other sites on the internet, and I have tried both Google and Firefox.
As I am typing this it is still trying to save the client and has been doing so for about 15 minutes on this attempt and this is my 6th attempt at adding this client.

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*To:* Caseworks
*From:* Rick Crouch
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*Date:* 03 February 2023

Good afternoon Roy

Thank you for your email, it appears to be one particular new client
because I have been able to do two others. It just keeps going with the
CCCCC, if I leave it it will keep doing that all day and does not save
the client

Best Regards
Rick Crouch (CCDI, CCFE, Q|CII)



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