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I was having difficulty using filters in the POI wile in a case.  I had several family members in the POI all listed as witnesses. I wanted to filter one particular person so I tried using the "Filter by Name"  All the other filters such as filter by role and filter by witness and filter by witness type were set to not used.. When type in the surname in the filter by name and do a search, all persons with the same last name  are populated. When I do a search and I add the first name I get no results.

Ho do I filter one particular person in the POI by name?

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Thanks for the info. I too have had the same results when only filtering one name. It does not matter if I am filtering by last name or first name. I was trying to filter a witness typing in the first and last name so only the person with that name would pull up in a report.  The filter does not seem to want to respond to two names.

You are correct ... It only responds to one name at the moment.

The question I have, if we are to allow two name search, then how would you expect it to work ... For example, if we were to  type in 2 names separated by a comma, for example:  "smith, John"  would the system use both names to qualify as a hit.  For example both Smith and John would have to appear in the name


Smith OR John would then find all that have either smith or John


Sometimes I am trying to create a report with one individual because the attorney/Client/Expert needs the identifiers on this one particular person. I have had several situations in criminal cases where I have entered several family members with the same last name or family members who have the exact same name, only difference being how they are numbered as the first, second or third.  The witnesses usually have the same role and sometimes are the same witness type.

In answer to your proposal searching by one name only is definitely not adequate. Searching by two names could also be inadequate especially when there are multiple people in the case with basically the same name.

I was wondering if filtering  by a check box is more simple.  Check a box and only filter selected.  Not sure if this is feasible not being a code writer but is just a thought. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for the reminder. I knew I could print a report but the report feature does not allow me to print a pedigree report. I really like the this particular format because of the way it is laid out and the photo it includes. This is why I was trying to use the filters. Any chance of adding a pedigree report in the drop down.

Thanks for your consideration.

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